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Hugh Grant

Julia Swalha

Neil Pearson

Trudie Styler


Groundbreaking series of 21 short films from new writers and directors for Channel 4, produced by Malcolm Craddock. 

4 Minutes elicited showcase performances, including Hugh Grant, Trudie Styler, Julia Sawalha, Neil Pearson and Irene Handl.

Winner of The Gold Award for Drama, New York Film Festival 1986.


Bless You
Close Shave
The Job
Head Girl
Train to Lymington
A Vital Mistake
Two’s Company
Blind And Deaf
Hands On
Loose End
A Modest Success
Who Cares
Uncle Bob
Black Rainbow
Off To The Wars
Sister Catherine

(directed by)

Mark Skeet and Andrew Jones
Robert Hambling
Joe Fordham
Gillies MacKinnon       
Andy Wilson and Tony Moon
Gillo Waddington
Richard Simpson
Michael Anderson
Graham Fowler
Malcolm Craddock
John Stephen Fink
John de Borman
Malcolm Craddock
Chris Hartwill
Richard Simpson
Mike Shackleton
Sean Barton
Claire Barwell
Malcolm Craddock
Stuart Urban
Jezz Startup



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