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Extremely Dangerous

Extremely Dangerous

Extremely Dangerous

An Intense and chilling fugitive thriller starring Sean Bean and Juliet Aubrey. 4 x 1 hour drama direct for ITV, achieving an opening night audience of 11.1 million. “One of the most talked about thrillers on recent television.”

Sally Aprahamian Director
Sallie Aprahamian
Written by
Produced by

Murray Smith
Malcolm Craddock and
Michael Foster,
with North West One Films.

Convicted of the gruesome slaughter of his own wife and young child, Neil Byrne jumps off a speeding train and escapes into the night, leaving behind a paperback novel. Byrne is forced undercover in Manchester taking on a ruthless crime syndicate and evading capture by the mob, the police and sinister government agencies. Protested innocence seems an irrelevance as unseen masters use Byrne and his pursuers as expendable pawns in a chilling battle to protect deeper, darker secrets?


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Extremely Dangerous Trailer - 12.5Mb


Sean Bean
Juliet Aubrey
Ralph Brown
Alex Norton
Sean Gallagher
Tony Booth
Ron Donachie
Douglas Rao
Nicholas Day
Nitin Ganatra
Pandora Colin
Glyn Owen
Glyn Grimstead
Alan Talbot
Nigel Clauzel
Christine Moore
Wendy Nottingham
Philippa Howarth
Anna Maclay
William Petrie
Joanna Hole
Abu Eniola
Nick Miles
Jo-Anne Knowles
Darryl Clark
Jonjo O'Neill
Huss Harbiya
Colin Parry 
Ibrahim Mehmet
Edward Kingham
Michelle Whitehead
Russell Dixon

Neil Byrne
Annie Fleming
Joe Connor
Detective Chief
Superintendent Wallace
Detective Inspector Danny Ford
Frank Palmer
Ali Khan
Alicia Millar
Edith Ramsay
Alison Byrne
Sarah Byrne
Women's Police Constable Baxter
Detective Inspector Manion
Jenny Gregg
Laurel Ford
Pea Jacket
Baseball Cap
Carol Evans
Doctor Henry Grace


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