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Ping Pong

Ping Pong


Feature film for Film Four International. The first film to be shot on location in London’s Chinatown, selected for the Venice Film Festival 1987.

Po-Chih Leong Director
Po-Chih Leong

Malcolm Craddock,
 Michael Guest
Jerry Liu
Nic Knowland
David Spiers
Richard Harvey

For British-born director Po Chih Leong, Ping Pong (1986) represents an examination of his own Chinese background. The film is filled with quirky scenarios and surreal imagery depicting the East-West cultural clash.

The death of Sam Wong (K.C. Leong) provides the dramatic pulse of Ping Pong. Elaine Choi (Lucy Sheen), a law clerk, must confront her cultural background when dealing with the members of the dead man's family. She bounces between the family members like a ping pong ball, but her biggest adversary seems to be Wong's youngest son Mike (David Yip). In many ways, Mike is an archetype of a young Chinese man growing up in Britain, struggling to define his identity and in the process turning his back on traditional Chinese culture. By the end of the film, however, both Elaine and Mike come to terms with their cultural roots.


David Yip
Lucy Sheen
Robert Lee
Lam Fung
Victor Kan
Barbara Yu Ling
Ric Young
Victoria Wicks
Stephen Kuk
Rex Wei
Hi Ching
Won Hun Tse
Chad Lee
K.C. Leong
David Lyon


Mike Wong
Elaine Choy
Mr. Chen
Ah Ying
Shu Loong
Alan Wong
Alan's Wife
Uncle Choi
A Chee
Shu Loong's child
Shu Loong's child
Sam Wong



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