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James D'Arcy

Paloma Baeza

Rebel Heart


"Strong performances, beautifully paced story-telling, and a nice feel for the period make this an excellent entertainment "
Time Out

"contain(s) terrific special effects and some fine acting. My heart was pounding."
The Mirror

"As a piece of drama this is as good as television gets."
The Irish Post

"Beautifully filmed with an exceptional cast and fine dialogue."
The Guardian

"It is an elegant, beautifully filmed affair."
The Observer

"This is a pleasure to watch."
The Observer

"From the makers of Sharpe, the production values of this four-part drama are similarly rich, so if you can avoid becoming too deeply entrenched in the (still relevant) political issues and can stomach all the bloody killing - stick with it."
TV Times Pick of The Day

"The first (episode), covering only the Easter Rising of 1916, is historically about as impeccable as any historical account of an event elaborately worked on by a good professional writer is ever very likely to be"
The Observer


James D'Arcy
Frank Laverty
Vincent Regan
Paloma Baeza
Dawn Bradfield
Brendan Coyle
Lorcan Cranitch
Bill Paterson
Nuala O'Neill
Frank MacCusker
Daragh O'Malley
Liam Cunningham
John Kavanagh
Dermot Crowley
Andrew Connolly


Ernie Coyne
Tom O'Toole
Ita Feeney
Ursula Feeney
Michael Collins
Inspector Nelson
James Connolly
Eileen O'Toole
Patrick Pearse
James Grace
Michael Malone
Eugene O'Brien
Mr. Coyne
Eamon De Valera



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