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The Spire THE SPIRE  

A story of passion and faith, hope and triumph. Set in the 14th Century, Dean Jocelin, dreams of building a 250 foot spire on top of Salisbury Cathedral as a tribute to the glory of God. It will be the tallest building in the world, the 14th century equivalent of putting a man on the moon.

While Jocelin is committed to this endeavour because of the strength of his vision, he can only realise his dream if he gains the commitment of the master builder Roger Mason who is a dangerous mix of courage, fortitude and pigheadedness.

Not only do these two men fight over the construction of the spire, especially when they dig down to the foundations and find that it has been built on a swamp, they are also at odds over the beautiful young woman Grace who has been brought up as an orphan by the church. Each of them betray their vows and compromise their lives as the sexual tensions rise along with the progress of the spire.

Adapted from the book by Nobel Prize Winner, William Golding, the screenplay is written by Roger Spottiswoode and is very much a personal project for him.

Golding's story has a timeless power that speaks across the ages; Salisbury Cathedral's Spire is still standing over 700 years later ...


Financing budget of $30 million

Writer & Director: Roger Spottiswoode
Producer: Malcolm Craddock


Click here to download PDF (368Kb)


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