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Ping Pong PING PONG  


“This is a delightfully entertaining English film set in London’s Chinatown. Infusing the drama with dream sequences and fantasy bits, director Po Chih Leong gives buoyancy and wit to the storyline which contains insights into Chinese tradition, cross-cultural prejudices, and generational differences. Filled to the brim with colorful characters, startling imagery, and shrewd observations on many subjects, Ping Pong is a treasure-trove of a movie.”

(S & P Film Review)

“Flavorful glimpses of London's Chinatown - the back alleys of restaurants, a gambling den, a traditional funeral - promise something tasty. The main ingredient is the effort of a young English-bred Chinese woman (Lucy Sheen) to settle the estate of a rich old rake named Sam Wong. His will is an attempt to reconcile Chinese tradition with up-to-date London style, and Miss Sheen begins to feel like ''a bleeding Ping-Pong ball'' as she is batted about by the heirs. Her biggest problem is Sam's son, Mike, who has been left his father's restaurant on condition that he run it along traditional lines, which doesn't appeal to this swinging Anglophile. Miss Sheen ends up like a Chinese heroine of old.”

(New York Times)

“The film merges a suspenseful narrative with surreal images of Chinese mysticism. Cleverly edited scenes allow the viewer to understand what Elaine is experiencing when forced to face her cultural past. Elaine's strong will and determination resembles that of the Chinese woman warrior, an alter-ego she adopts at the end of the film. Leong uses the film's diverse cast of characters to delicately unravel past and present Chinese cultures, shedding light on how early Chinese people arrived in Britain and how growing up in Britain has affected Chinese culture.”

(Screen Online)


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